Monday, November 28, 2011

White Angels Hope Mission to Save the Double Merle

Hi Everyone,

The pictures and story below are a wonderful story but surely not un usual in my world.  Great Danes, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, just to name a few can be born visually and hearing
impaired because of the kind of breeding they are doing called Double Merle.   Most reputable breeders will not touch this with a ten foot pole but puppy mill and back yard breeders will as will some lay people who just decide to breed their dog but do not know what they are doing.  As a rescuer of these dogs its part of my job to educate people since most do not know the sad story to tell and just think something like this is wonderful.  Yes, it is wonderful and beautiful that a sister or brother in the litter usually take the job of guide dog, but the sad part is that 20% to 25% of the litter will come out predominantly white with some merle coloring and visually and hearing impaired to different degree's,  so that others in the litter are born with beautiful blue eyes and merle (marbleized coloring) and genetically normal these can be sold for a lot of money.  Up until there were people like myself who started rescuing these dogs they were and still are  shot, drowned, or let loose on roadways by the people who bred them, in turn hit by cars or picked up by animal control and gassed or heart sticked by the shelters (for those who do not know yes, in these United States in many states it is legal to kill an animal in this horrible way)  in many of the rural southern and western area's where this kind of breeding predominantly happens.  There are only 3 rescues in the US that specialize in these kinds of dogs, one of them being myself although breed rescues have now started to take in many of them also.  A definite after note to all of this is only veterinaries who are unfamiliar with this kind of breeding will remove their eyes.  Most live being blind with their eye's intact for their whole lives with no problems and this is the way it should be.  If you would like to read more about what this type of eye condition is please go to this link. 
Veterinaries who are not aware will remove the eyes, but these dogs do have eyesThe, they are just deformed and many can see light and dark and why take away that from them.
Please post this to all your friends and your veterinaries to start to make people more aware of the story behind the story of these beautiful Danes and to make more people aware that although these are wonderful animals their site and hearing should not be something that is sacrificed for the sake of the almighty $$$$$$.  This breeding needs instead to be eradicated in the future generations of these animals.
With this all said my rescue White Angels Hope can not continue to rescue these wonderful animals without people who are committed to helping by fostering these beautiful dogs.  These dogs are my passion and my love and I want to see them safe in loving foster homes in the middle step to their forever families.  If you live in the New York City metro area or even tri state area and would like to help us continue, please contact me at
White Angels Hope Rescue NYC
We are dedicated to the rescue of
double merle Australian Shepherds
and Border Collies.
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