Monday, August 29, 2011

What Type of Doggie Volunteer Are You?

1.  Adoption – you are ready to adopt if approved, no questions or concerns with other pets or your health. An adoption fee maybe required at the time of adoption, as well as paying for spaying or neutering if needed. 

2.  Foster to Adopt – we recommend this option particularly to those adopters with health concerns, children and/or other pets.  This will allow you to evaluate their reaction to you and your family.  Many require a minimum commitment of one week as it is difficult to make foster arrangemts during the week.  A  deposit in the amount of the adoption fee may be required.   Most prefer you "foster-to-adopt" to ensure the perfect match. 

3.  Foster Only - You are willing to provide a temporary home for one or more of our pets.  While we prefer fosters who can provide a stable environment for each pet until it is adopted into it's forever home.   

4.  Transport  - You are willing to provide transportation from one location to another.  One leg is generally 70 miles one way.  Once you reach your destination you are met by another transporter who will take you furry friends to the next stop. The goal of transport is to provide successful and safe transportation for dogs who are being moved into a safer situation be it Foster, Shelter or adoption.

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