Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Lilly the Shitzu

I met Lilly in February of 2011, so sweet, she might weigh about 6 or 7 pounds.  She was brought to me after my friends had reached a point of not knowing what to do next with her.  The vet was saying to give her $800 worth of medications or put her to sleep.  They could not even think of this as a solution.  So I suggested they bring her to my home where we could help her get over her ailments naturally.  We set out on a journey to fix her from the inside out.

Lilly was a rescue dog, matter of fact, she was rescued on the day they were going to put her down.  My friends brought her home, cleaned her up and let her get used to her new family.  She loves to sing, she is very proud and has one of the brightest spirits I've ever seen in a dog.

In August of 2010 Lilly was given her routine vaccination and two weeks later she developed allergies to mold mites and dust mites.  It was also discovered that she had been on a grain dog food and grain dog food has been known to inspire allergies in dogs.  When Lilly was brought to me most of the problem areas seemed to be focused on her tail, feet and legs. She was licking all the time, she had an odor about her and you could tell she hurt if you tried to touch her.

She started her new raw diet and got aggressive with taking herbal remedies that might help her heal faster both internally and externally.  She got baths every 5-7 days and in between she was lathered with coconut & hemp oil which had a few drops of lavender added into it.  Lavender has shown to be a great help for her with both fighting off the mites, and as an aid in healing.  Periodically try adding couple drops of tea tree oil into the mix when the sores looked to be progressive.  On a side note, if you decide to use tea tree oil on a dog make sure you do so sparingly.  Tea tree oil is very effective with staph and mrsa; however, it can cause nerve issues if not diluted and used cautiously.

Slowly but surely she started to heal the feet, legs and tail all started to clear up.  Then the cycle would start over again, but this time it would attack her head, her hips, shoulders.  At some point it seemed obvious that the cycle repeating itself might suggest that there could be something else going on.  That day we took her stool to the lab, it came back positive for hook worms.  The vet said that in order for her to have as many as they found they must've been there for awhile.  For me, it meant we found the reason she wasn't getting completely better.  Unfortunately, hook worms are nasty little buggers who need medication in order to be successfully removed, which meant we would need to take the risk that her immune system might not like the medication.

She took one pill and we waited to see what would happen.  Again it seemed like she started to get better and then the cycle started all over again as sores started popping up on her back, neck and head again.  Again we checked her stool only to discover the little worms were still after her.  This time the vet gave us another round of de-wormer but it was a lot more than one pill.  Knowing that she was out of options holistically on this one she took her de-worming doses until they were all gone.  Again, she seemed to be doing better for a couple of weeks and then one day you could tell it was starting again but this time it was different.

It was mostly concentrated on her head, face, eyes and neck with one spot on each shoulder and one in the middle of her back.  The sores seemed to be closer to the surface like a cold sore, not like the ones in the past that were deep and looked like they needed stitches.  The ones that were on her face were now infecting her eyes and they started to look like cataract was setting in.  The wonderful green gook was now present in her eyes morning, noon and night.  For a third time we took her stool in to the lab and finally this time there were no worms present.  From here it was homemade eyewashes, colloidal silver and other natural means to help her fight to get her immune system back.  

There were a few days there that it looked like she might be turning blind, so we'd get a little more aggressive with the solutions and even added a couple of ideas that might shock most.   Day after day it seemed as though the eye solutions were keeping the infection at bay but again it was not getting better.  Reaching for new possibilities I googled dog eye infection, pink eye and how to cure it naturally, to my surprise there were a few great solutions for us to try.  The craziest idea would cost nothing, therefore, we would have nothing to lose.  This may sound gross to most but... IT WORK's.   Spit.  It's amazing that your spit can actually heal a person's or a dog's eye if it is infected.  Another great one that works is to give your dog ABC carrots and celery, the enzymes you produce while chewing can help a little doggie's immune system get stronger.

It's been about 6 days since the new program was started and Lilly is doing phenomenal.  All of her sores are almost gone, her hair is growing back, the gook is only there in the morning and it's definitely less than what it was.  She looks like she is bouncing back pretty rapidly now.  This is very exciting to see after the last 5 months of rehabilitation.

More soon....

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