Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Become a Transporter

If you have a few hours to drive and can help become a transporter.  Every weekend there are transports that may come thru your city.  Most transporters only need to drive the dog(s) to the next destination where another transporter takes them to the next destination.

  1. All dogs travel with health certificates
  2. Maximum travel of 8 hours per day
  3. Might have their own belongings
  4. Dog food is provided during the trip
  5. Overnight at a destination if the move requires more than 8 hours travel
  6. Might need to be moved because they are either at the end of their stay at their current shelter
  7. Might need to be transported because they have found a furrever home
  8. They might be moving on to a foster until a new home can be found
  9. Majority are emergency situations
  10. Bring water for the dog(s)
  11. Bring a leash
  12. Have an area in your car ready for the dog with either a blanket or a crate
  13. You can claim your mileage on your taxes

    Volunteers are desperately needed to help with the coordination of all moves.  If you have been thinking about a way of giving back, your help with transporting can be greatly beneficial and rewarding.  Watch for new posts on transporting needs and volunteer if you find one coming through your home town.

    Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.
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