Friday, November 12, 2010

Puppy Mill pups rescued..

ASPCA Assists in Interstate Transfer of Puppy Mill Rescues

In mid-October, the ASPCA was contacted about an organization in North Dakota, the Central Dakota Humane Society (CDHS), which had seized 129 dogs from an alleged puppy mill. The raid had filled the CDHS shelter to capacity, forcing the agency to leave approximately 60 dogs at the mill until more shelter space could be made. According to Sue Buchholz, CDHS shelter director, all the rescued dogs had parasites and were underweight; some were nearly dead of starvation while others had old wounds, ear infections, pregnancies and other health issues.
It was clear that dogs had to be moved out, and quickly—so the ASPCA reached out to our partners to see if there were any organizations in the region willing and able to accept a sizable transfer of rescued dogs. Colorado’s Humane Society of Boulder Valley stepped forward to take 35 canines, but did not have the resources to move them to Colorado, so the ASPCA offered the use of our custom-built animal transport vehicle.

On November 5, our driver, an animal assistant and a group of mostly mixed-breed dogs completed their journey of more than 600 miles and arrived at Boulder Valley. “Almost every dog we received is highly social, but also highly fearful,” says Connie Howard, Humane Society of Boulder Valley Vice President of Operations.

All 35 dogs were evaluated and placed in the shelter’s behavior modification program, where trainers work with them individually at least twice a day. “They are struggling, of course, with tasks such as walking on leashes, but overall are making rapid progress and doing really well,” reports Howard. Most of the dogs have been made available for adoption, and two lucky pups have already gone home with new pet parents.
For more information about animal transport or how you can help fight puppy mills, please visit’s Anti-Cruelty section.
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