Monday, October 18, 2010

Very Dangerous Person... pass along

Animal Lovers...Please be on the look out at local Shelters, Petfinder Rescuers and Craigslisters... do not give your animals to DAWN TAYLOR(Bechtold) her recent attempt to take  dogs out of the Robeson co. hellhole, failed.  She entered claiming she wanted to rescue 136 dogs.   There was never a rescue intended instead she was selling them (to labs?) and getting $300/dog!  Her latest target is  Warren county, Tennessee.  She trolls the petition sites, and news stories, until she  locates a pitiful rural shelter.  She then takes on "her mission, to fix it", of course needing $$$ to do this.  Please warn all that you know in the rescue world and tell Tenn. that DAWN TAYLOR(Bechtold), is not, nor ever has been a licensed rescue in Ga., or anywhere else!  there are DNAs on her from several states.

Please spread the word and stop this cruelty!!
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