Saturday, October 02, 2010

Help Save Jake... NC

Contact:Holly Griffin

I am President of Super Dog Rescue
I have come across a senior Chow in a bad situation.  
This past weekend I had to reclaim two dogs from a foster, and found that he had another dog living outside with no shelter and eating his food off the ground.  He is a black short rough coat Chow mix named Jake.  He is approx 8 yrs old.  
I asked the man if I could take him to the vet as he said he had not been seen by one and had been 4-5 yrs since he had a rabies vaccination.  The poor baby is blind, and had never had his eyes examined.  The wife said that he would scratch his eyes so bad at times and rub his head on the ground making the most horrible sound.  
The man told me he actually tried to kill him using Percocet!!!  I took him to the vet, and they said his vision cannot be restored and he is also heartworm positive.  
However he has a wonderful temperament and is very sweet.   He didn't know me at all, and couldn't see, but let me carry him, and let the vet staff examine him and draw blood with no problem.  
My rescue has just started up and I have 14 dogs at my house, and only 3 fosters each with dogs already.  I have no place for Jake, but fear the worst for him in his remaining years.  
If left with that man, he will continue to live outside with no shelter and no vet care and no HW treatment.  He will most definitely develop congestive heart failure and die a painful agonizing death alone.  Not to mention that his eyes flare up causing him tremendous pain and one or both probably will need to be removed.  
 Can you help me find a foster or placement for him?  

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