Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beating Doggie Allergies Naturally

Naturally beating dog allergies....

Seasonal Allergies, Red Eyes, Itchy, Coughing?   Try Nettles...  (good for our Dogs and US)

Does your dog have red eyes? Does he/she keep scratching and itching? Does he/she sound like it's a little stuffed up.. ?There is a good chance it's allergies.  Fall is notorious for ragweed and ragweed is no dogs friend.   For a year now anytime my dogs show signs of allergy irritations we give them nettles in their food or directly if liquid.  Nettles tastes like an herb and is even good for most any one.  How much do we give them... usually a teaspoon in the morning and a teaspoon in the evening.   For information about "NETTLES" (click here).

Bulk = easy to put a couple teaspoons in their food
Pill =  open the capsule and pour in to their food
Liquid #1 = our personal favorite and easy to give a dropperful directly to your dog or pour into their  food is the Nettles Eyebright(with this liquid version please keep in mind it also contains echinicea so it is great for seasonal relief but not good for long term use)
Liquid #2 = if you need for an ongoing allergic symptom try just straight liquid nettles

Disclaimer:  these are suggestions of what has worked for many other dog owners, nettles is plant based, and the decision to use nettles as an allergy relief is an individual choice.  Using Nettles has proven to effectively help dogs and humans who suffer from itchy, scratchy, red eye allergy conditions.  If for any reason you believe there is something more severe going on with your dog it is recommended to seek medical attention.
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