Sunday, February 21, 2010

Homeopathy for Kennel Cough


The best treatment is prevention. If your dog is going into any stressful situation such as a kennel or dog show, etc., the first thing would be to use immune support.  Use this herbal remedy for a week before and during the situation.  These are great pet medicines or treatments for kennel cough, and it's the same type we use for people:


Here are the remedies most consistently suggested for their pets. Its about treating the symptoms of kennel cough when they appear...but also boosting their immune system to battle this and other stresses and infections they are challenged with...

Kennel Cough Defense:
With the more Advanced Plan..people elect to obtain a homeopathic kit and administer the remedies themselves. Please refer to my Homeopathy FAQ's to explain the basics of how these remedies work.
Here is a list of the most common remedies used for Kennel Cough:
Drosera 30C: Very good for the typical dry hacking cough. Probably the primary remedy.

Rumex Crispus 30C: THE remedy for that nagging, tickly cough which won't settle down....especially occuring at night time and wakes your pet and everyone else up.

Aconite 6C: A very early remedy to give when the first signs appear. Usually good when the pet seems well and within hours becomes ill...very quickly. If given in time, it can abort the whole infection. Excellent for calming the pet. 

Spongia Tosta 6C: Drier, more hoarse, barking cough. Similar to the "trained seal" sound people get.

Phosphorus 30C: Dry cough with flecks of blood in it...this may be leading to pneumonia. Increase their Pet Immune and Horehound. 

Bryonia 30C: Dry cough with obvious pain. Cough may have moved deeper into the lungs. Dog feels better if you hold its rib cage while it coughs as the intercostal muscles (between the ribs) are very tender from the coughing.

Obviously you can purchase these remedies from a health store or homeopathic supplier..but if you are deciding to take this route..then you will be wanting to treat other issues which come up for your pets..and your family. The most economical and practical way to handle this then would be to buy a kit with the most commonly used remedies in it. You have the choice to purchase it alone..or with the excellent guide .."The Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals" by Dr. Christopher Day..

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